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Dear Friends,                                                                                                                          20th October 2020


Greetings in Jesus name and on behalf of your friends in the Congregational Church.


I hope that both in body and in spirit, you are as well and healthy as you can possibly be.

I know that not everyone enjoys brilliant health and my thoughts are with you and my prayers for your welfare.


Here, where we live, this Tuesday morning is a grey, wet, uninviting start to the day but allow me to brighten it a little. I ask you a question that in all probability you have never been asked before; “Have you ever fought a dragon?”  No, of course not. Dragons don’t exist. At least the ones with long jagged tails, extended necks and ferocious jaws that could bite through the walls of Claypotts Castle.


But have you ever fought a dragon? Might it be true that life is filled with dragons? How do we recognise and encounter them? Here are some of them.


The life-threatening health crisis. A rocky or failing marriage. An estranged son or daughter. A diminished income or an inadequate pension.


Add to these the current Covid pandemic, tightening social and civic restrictions.  Add to these, isolation, aloneness and a closed church.


Sit quietly and think. Have you ever, or are you now fighting a dragon.  We may feel we are all too often confronted by dragons that we’re inadequate to fight alone.


Please be comforted, encouraged and even inspired by this – we have a Champion.


Whether our dragons represent our own failings or are the deceiving, destructive desires of our adversary – the evil one - our Champion is greater. Jesus, acknowledged by faith and communicated with in prayer, is our Champion. The destructive forces of this broken world are no match for Him.   As the Bible declares, “Having disarmed these powers and authorities, He triumphed over them by the cross.” (Colossians Ch.2 v 15)


This means surely, that the moment we realise that some dragons of life are too big for us to tackle alone, is the moment we can lay claim to our Champion’s willingness to rescue us. And He will.


And our happy response?


“Thanks be to God, who has given us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.” (1 Corinthians Ch.15 v 57)


With these thoughts in my mind and these words on paper and an assurance in my heart, this Tuesday morning isn’t nearly as dreich and unwelcoming as it was an hour ago.


Richest blessings to you.






Your Minister










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