Our Minister  - Rev Alan Livingstone BA

Dear Friends,                                                                August 2021


Newsletter time is with us again. I look forward to this. Each new issue continues to engage us with each other. As we receive it and read it we are reminded of the church and its immediate past and also anticipate what lies ahead.

Our thoughts and prayers have been with those who have been unwell and who continue to be sadly missed each Sunday.

We do not forget those whose ever present burden is that of bereavement. This is a sad and heavy burden to carry. Thankfully we need not carry it alone. Family, the church family and the promise of the Bible have been and will still be, a colossal support. Remember the words of a favourite psalm, “Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for thou art with me.” (Psalm 23 v4)

At present the church cannot function as it is used to or would like to. The Guild, the drama group, Sunday morning coffee, cake and chat time have all been temporarily closed to us.

Singing hymns is still not possible and the celebration of Holy Communion, in an improvised way, nevertheless, joyfully and thankfully continues.

I have missed the fellowship and prayers of the Prayer Corner and the informal pastoral ministry of sitting beside folks and conversing with them.

Tentatively I notice that the restraints may be easing. I certainly hope so. I’m sure you do too.

There are three dates and services to look forward to:


19th September – Harvest Thanksgiving

24th October – Anniversary Service

7th November – Memorial Service

A final encouragement from Scripture. The very early church faced an enormous crisis. One of their own, Judas Iscariot, betrayed Jesus.

One of their own, Peter, their unofficial leader, denied Jesus.

One of their own, Thomas, doubted Jesus.

Jesus himself, was removed from them, (Acts Ch.1 v9).

For them the present was uncertain and the future unpredictable. What to do? How to move on?

This is how they coped and responded. I leave it with you. You may value it and be encouraged to emulate these early followers of Jesus.

From Acts Ch.1:

V 13 “They went to the upstairs room where they were staying…”

i.e. they returned to a place where they knew they were welcome and valued.

V 14 “They all met together and were united…”

i.e. they restored contact and friendship with those they knew and trusted.

V 14 they were united in prayer….”

        i.e. they resorted to praying with and for each other

v 16 What was predicted by the Holy Spirit and recorded in Scripture, had to be fulfilled.

        i.e. they relied upon the Holy Spirit and the Bible to lead them forward.


May God bless you richly.

Your Minister



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