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             S E L F – I S O L A T I N G


I`m sure you will not be altogether surprised that I share some thoughts on self-isolating, written today, Tuesday 17th March.    It appears that the UK is on lock down for maybe as long as four months, or even longer.   Just one example from last night:-

          Our granddaughter Megan, a student at Napier University in Edinburgh, has been told not to go back to campus until September, and instead to work from home.  As of yesterday advice from the Prime Minister and his medical and scientific advisers is that:-


          Everyone should avoid non essential social contact by not visiting venues like pubs and restaurants.

          As much as possible public transport should be avoided, meaning that large numbers of working people are well advised to work from home.  Close contact with others is the big danger to avoid.

          Everyone over 70, younger people with underlying health conditions and pregnant women should be very cautious about all social contact.

          Those who suspect they have been contaminated should isolate themselves for fourteen days.


We can readily recognise that as things exist at the moment we are in a time of unprecedented change for peace time.   All these recommendations, which may in whole or in part become legally binding before too long, are all geared to delay the spread of the Coronavirus and ultimately protect as much as possible the health and well being of the nation.

But here is another take on self-isolation.   What about our moral welfare and our spiritual health as Christians?  How do we protect them?   The answer is to self-isolate.   No I`m not being flippant.   Here is advice and direction from both the Old and New Testaments.




I will refuse to look at anything vile or vulgar.

I will stay away from evil people.

I will not tolerate people who slander their neighbours.

Liars will not stay in my presence.




If sinners entice you, turn your back on them.

Don`t go along with them.

Stay away from them.


Come out from among unbelievers.   Separate yourselves from them.


These Scriptures are NOT telling us to separate from family, neighbours or associates because they are not Christians or church goers. 

These sentences are DEFINITELY NOT an excuse to adopt a superior attitude to others.

These words are advising we self-isolate from toxic attitudes, toxic behaviours and toxic values.

Perhaps you recognise some of these toxins and if so, hopefully from a safe distance?

Complainers: Gossipers:  Backbiters:  Harassers:

Being associated with them regularly can be dangerous to emotional health, moral welfare and spiritual well-bring.


So, please embrace the biblical antidote:        Stay away from them.

Blessings and regards


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