Our Minister  - Rev Alan Livingstone BA

The Lord is my shepherd; I have all I need.

Your rod and your staff protect me and comfort me

(Psalm 23 vs 1,4)


Good day friends,                                                   15th June 2021


The rich blessing of God to one and all. I hope you are enjoying this early part of the summer and that life is treating you kindly.


This month in the church I am encouraging everyone to think about taking small steps in partnership with God to make disciples and grow the membership of the church. This coming Sunday I will be focusing on quality Bible teaching. This is vitally important for the church; to hold on to what we have by way of worship, prayer, fellowship and God’s truth. No less for all of us as individuals.


A Christian author visited Israel. He spoke to an old shepherd. The author, knowing his Bible, spoke about Psalm 23. He asked the old shepherd how he used his staff to comfort and guide his sheep. The elderly man said that in daylight he carried his staff across his shoulders so that the sheep could see it. He felt this reassured them and kept them calm. However, if darkness or even fog engulfed them, he walked slowly in front of them, slowly tapping his staff on the ground. What the sheep could not see, they could hear. So they followed the sound and the shepherd to protection, by day and by night.


Friend, I believe the Bible, from beginning to end, is the Christian’s equivalent of the shepherd’s staff.


By reading it for ourselves and by listening to its truths being revealed and explained, we are assured of God’s presence, care and provision.


Allow me to encourage you to read the Bible. If it is a new book for you or a strange or difficult book, take small steps, one step at a time. To help, here are six easy small steps.


  • Start by choosing St Mark’s Gospel
  • Covenant with yourself to read 1 chapter per day
  • Find a quiet spot, free from distraction
  • Say this short prayer to yourself, out loud or silently, “God, open my eyes wide so that I can read something very helpful today.”
  • Read the 1 chapter for the day – maybe twice
  • Reflect – have you read something very helpful


Remember, you are not under any pressure to comply. No one other than yourself will know. There will be a bonus to you. I am sure God will bless you. Go for it!  May God bless you.


Your Minister,




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