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As you read this, we are not too far away from Christmas Day.   No surprise there.   Black Friday, Christmas lights and a switch on and a cacophony of advertising and events, have all been inescapable for days and maybe even weeks.

In the church, arrangements have been made for a Christmas Lunch and a Christmas Eve service at 6.30p.m.


Yet today, despite all the noise of Christmas, many people are not really aware of the coming of Jesus, the Messiah.  How many have really grasped what Christmas is all about?   Is it simply the season of “sweet peas” – pantomimes, presents, parties and paracetamol – or how many appreciate it is about something more meaningful?


Ignorance and lack of awareness goes back a long way.   When the Magi arrived in Jerusalem about two years after the birth of Jesus, Herod and the populace of the city had heard nothing about it.   Christmas really had come silently.   As the poet Phillips Brooks wrote many years ago.


                    “How silently, how silently the wondrous gift is given!

                           God imparts to human hearts the blessings of his heaven.”


One thing the Bible account of Jesus birth makes clear (St. Matthew ch 2 vs 1-12) is that when God wants to get a message to people, he can.


The Magi, hundreds of miles away saw a significant star and followed it.   Ordinary shepherds near Bethlehem saw and heard an angel choir and responded to it. Simeon and Anna in the temple, met the eight-day-old Messiah they had been waiting for and blessed him.


None of that by luck, co-incidence or chance but entirely by God`s providence.   All moved into the right place at the right time to honour the Messiah.


Very gently and respectfully, let me put three questions to you:-

      Are you ready, like the shepherds, to hear from God this Christmas time?

      Are you ready, like the Magi, to worship Jesus the Messiah, this Christmas?

      Are you ready to pray for and witness to, friends and family who have not as       

      yet grasped what Christmas is all about?


Please don`t throw out the “sweet peas” but make time to listen, to worship, to pray and to witness.


God will bless you,


Your pastor



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