Our Minister  - Rev Alan Livingstone BA


Easter Power

March 2019


As I write, we are well into the season of Lent and not so distant from the joy and spiritual rejuvenation of Easter.

Nearing Easter excites thinking about the risen Christ. Easter Sunday is our time of celebration. It is also a time of empowerment.

St. Paul wrote to Christians in Ephesus, “God exerted mighty strength when He raised Christ from the dead….” (Ephes. Ch.1 v 20)

Thankfully God’s mighty strength isn’t a spent force, for St. Paul added, “God’s incomparably great power is for all of us who believe.” (Ephes. Ch.1 v 19)

As Christians, we go out into a sometimes hostile world, by the power of God.

But to do what? And for what purpose? Here are three clear answers. (St. Matt Ch.28 v19, 20)


  1. To make disciples. By personal Christian testimony, by kindness and care and sometimes by thoughtful explanation, to change people’s lives by encouraging them to repent of their sins and trust Jesus for salvation.


  1. To baptise them. To invite them to follow the example of Jesus their Saviour. To show them what baptism means, even as a mystery. Welcomed into the family of the church and into an inclusive fellowship of care and nurture.


  1. To teach them. Not our own personal, private views but the lifestyle and precepts of Jesus. This results in them being both satisfied and satisfactory representatives of Jesus and the church.


Hopefully three clear answers to my earlier two questions.

And how? By the motivation and the ability stirred within us by the mighty resurrection power of God.

Easter Sunday should be noisy with the clamour of family joy, Christian celebration and the excitement of new beginnings.




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