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Letter from Alan Livingstone


Meadowside, Methven, Perth

May 2019


Greetings friends


As I write this, like you I am at the end of a momentous week.


In the ongoing life of our church some of our members have experienced health issues and at this stage look to be progressing well.   We are genuinely thankful and pray for continued improvement.


The Prime Minister has given notice that she will resign on June 10th and this will herald the beginning of a political frenzy among members of her party to choose a replacement.   The current cabinet, the Conservative MPs and ultimately the Tory Party members will elect their new leader and the UK`s new PM.


As June and summer beckon some of us will think about choices – will we take a holiday and if so where will we go.   Will we choose to stay at home?


Choices.   Choices.   In one way or another we all have to make them, whether in matters important or in others less so.


As the OT account of Israel`s journey to the land of promise came to an end and they were settling into their new territory, Joshua their leader put a choice to them – “Choose today whom you will serve.  The God of your ancestors or other idol gods.”  They were being asked to choose.


Maybe this is not a bad time for each of us to give renewed thought to where our religious and spiritual priorities are grounded?


I wish you all a happy, peaceful and meaningful summer.   God bless you.


Kindest regards and warmest wishes







Tuesday,   29th March   :  GIFT  DAY ;  Caricature Capers with Andy Paterson

                                                                President :   Isabel Scrimgeour


This was another guessing game with Andy and he had plenty of Caricatures to show us from film stars, old and new,  politicians from round the world, sports personalities and also the Royal Family.   We were given some clues which proved very helpful and it was amazing how quickly some guessed who the person was.   There were very easy ones and others not so easy but it got our brains working.  For a few the difficulty was knowing the faces but couldn’t remember the name –  some of us having ‘senior moments’ !!   Andy has a very busy schedule but always manages to fit us in.  His Charity is MacMillan Nursing and everything he earns is given to them.  Over the last four years he has donated over £29,000.  A  magnificent sum for a very worthy charity and one which we ourselves support.  He still has one or two  slide  shows to share with us and hopefully we can have him back again next year.  Thanks to all for your donations on our gift day which raised the sum of £140.


Tuesday,  9th April  :  Music and Films with Alistair Fiddes

                                    President : Irene Cox


In one hour, sailing in perfect weather with blue skies and plenty of sunshine our tour

guide Alistair took us on the following cruises. Firstly the Baltic Cruise via Tallinn, Helsinki and stopping off at Petersburg  for a short tour of the city with beautiful buildings. Churches and museums, particularly the Hermitage Museum  – where we caught sight of Rasputin the Mad Monk.   The music accompanying this film was El Divo singing ‘A Whole New World.  Our next trip to Liverpool for the river cruise following the Beatles’ trail and of course this was accompanied by music of the Beatles. This next cruise was done in reverse flying out to Malaga and sailing back to Newcastle up the coast of Spain passing wonderful scenery.   Appropriate music for this film – There’s a Place for us from West Side Story sung by Kathleen Jenkins. Next sail was to Riga, capital of Latvia and we were lucky to arrive on the day of their annual festival.  A spectacular event with beautiful girls dressed in national costume taking part in the parade.  A very picturesque and colourful event.  Sorry I didn’t quite get the music for this trip. Our last cruise was to Costa de la Luz on the Andalusian coast of Spain.  It is another beautiful city with wonderful gardens and spectacular water features.  Also berthed here are replicas of the ships of Christopher Columbus – Santa Maria , Pinta and Maria.  Music was again El Diva ‘The Impossible Dream’. Thanks to Alistair for being such a wonderful guide and taking us to such wonderful places and choosing music so appropriate for each cruise.   No doubt he will be back with us again soon.


Saturday,  27th April  -  Coffee Morning


Our annual Coffee Morning was down slightly in visitors this year but nevertheless   everything was sold and we raised the grand sum of £405.    Well done and thanks to everyone who helped – contributors to the stalls, kitchen staff, stallholders, ticket collector, servers and for all donations.



Tuesday,  7th May  :  Summer Outing


Our annual Summer Outing was once again held at The Broughty Ferry Hotel for High Tea.

There were 25 members and friends gathered together for this event which was very much enjoyed by all.  In fact one or two thought it was better than last year.  There was a very good menu with lots to choose from and the waitresses were very friendly and helpful.  It was a happy time and one we might repeat again next year.


Our New Session starts on Tuesday 8th October 2019.  Enjoy your summer with hopefully lots of sunshine and come back refreshed and fit.  Please remember that if any of your friends would like to join us they would be most welcome.


Nancy Jack      






         Our Easter Sunday this year was indeed an extra special occasion.   This happy day followed a moving United Service in our church on Maundy Thursday with friends from Meadowside St. Paul`s and Salem Chapel.


         How very beautiful was the interior of our lovely building dressed for Easter and our thanks as always go to the artistry of Jessie Tarbet who masterminded her small team to achieve such awe-inspiring perfection.  These wonderful decorations greatly honoured and enhanced the precious Baptismal Sacraments which then graced our Easter Day Service.


         It was poignant to witness Rev David Taylor being baptised along with his twin great-grandsons  two year old  Harry and Ollie Robb.   Our congregation was delightfully extended with this lovely family`s relatives and friends and the little chaps enchanted us all.  Appreciative thanks for everyone who helped to ensure the success of such an unforgettable occasion have been received from Dave and Chris, and Harry and Ollie`s family.  After the Service our own congregation adjourned to the church hall for a lovely Easter lunch and much enjoyable socialising to round up a perfect Easter Sunday.


         Unfortunately it was a great disappointment that our good friend Rev Dave was decidedly unwell for about three weeks afterwards with a nasty bout of `flu but we are delighted to have him out and about again and in our midst before the passing of another month.







Our Visitor`s Services on the last Sunday of each month bring new faces for us to welcome and these are very worthwhile mornings.  The success of these is naturally equalled each Sunday with our Minister Alan`s charming and humorous personality, and this is   allied to his always carefully prepared attention to every appropriate detail for each Service which brings much joy to every one of us.  How blessed we are to have him as our spiritual leader and this is apparent from the happy atmosphere the minute one steps into our church on Sunday mornings.




           For various reasons it has been well over

                              a year since we last held a Beetle Drive.

                              This is an event when all ages can meet

                              for an evening of socialising, fun, laughter

                              and a whole lot of `cheating` whilst

                              raising funds for the Church.   The extra

                              bonus, of course, is the cuppa and goodies

                              provided at the interval.

                              Please come along and join us on FRIDAY

                              7TH JUNE at 7.00p.m. and bring a friend(s)

                              to join in the fun.

Tickets £3 for adults and £1.50p for children including refreshments

also a Raffle



                               Mary Wightman


The Mobile Phone versus the Bible


                  A few thoughts on what would happen if we treated our Bibles in the

                                   same way we treat our mobile phones


What if we carried it everywhere in our handbags or pockets.


What if we studied it several times a day even while eating a meal or being in company.


What if we turned back to get it at all costs if we left it at home.


What if we used it to send and receive messages instead of interacting personally with friends and family.


What if we treated it as though we couldn`t live without it.


What if we gave it to our children as a gift.


What if we used it all the time when travelling and ignoring our surroundings.


What if we used it first in emergencies.


We do not have to worry about our Bible being disconnected because it was needing paid.  Jesus has already paid the bill, and in full.  And just think – no missed calls, God hears them all.





As a Junior Ice Hockey Player in the UK the ultimate goal is to represent your country at the Inter-Conference Tournament which is held in Sheffield during the May Bank Holiday every year.


 In the lead up to the prestigious Inter-Conference Tournament in Sheffield the Scotland teams travelled to Bratislava, Slovakia for four days of training games and sessions.  The Under 11, 15 and 17 squads travelled together flying from Edinburgh and being accommodated in the amazing Olympic style XBionic Hotel just south of Bratislava.  The teams played against equivalent aged teams from Slovakia and Bulgaria over 3 days then had a day of training sessions with Slovakian National Coaches.  This Easter Weekend trip was designed to gel the teams together as teams and experience hockey in another country prior to participating at Conference.


The best of the best players at Under 11, Under 13, Under 15 and Under 17 are selected from all the junior players in the country through various trials which are held from September to February.  Having represented Scotland on five previous occasions 15 year old Christian Clark was selected for the Under 17 Scotland Conference Team and Sebastian Clark at the age of 10 was selected for the Under 11 Scotland Conference Team to participate in this year’s Tournament. This is a huge achievement for all players selected.


With over 380 players taking part in the tournament it is an exciting, fun filled and emotional weekend with all teams aiming to claim the gold medal over the three day tournament.  Christian and his team finished the tournament joint second and narrowly missed out on a place in the final on goal difference, but still coming away from the tournament with a bronze medal. 

Through sheer hard work, determination and commitment Sebastian and his team spectacularly made it into the final but unfortunately the win was not to be, however Sebastian returned home with a silver medal.


Both boys have done themselves, their Club (Dundee Stars) and their family very proud.



P.S.  Then to crown it all Christian’s

under 16’s team won the Scottish Cup

against Fife on Saturday 11 May. 

Christian being honoured as

‘Man of the Match’




Christian and Sebastian Clark
Christian with Scottish Ice Hockey Cup
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