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Our green-fingered George Christie has once more been gathering a wonderful collection of superb prizes for his glorious blossoms and giant vegetables.  These were won at the Camperdown Food and Flower Festival,  and at Angus and Fife Flower Shows as well.  These totalled incredible awards of at least a dozen prizes, a Silver Medal and the AB Mitchell Shield. Our Church benefited with his spectacular flowers and vegetables helping to decorate our Chancel for Harvest Thanksgiving.  His magnificent gladioli and dahlias were awe-inspiring and some were shown to great advantage in centre stage under the pulpit.


Congratulations also to Jessie Tarbet  who masterminded – as always - the beautiful dressing of our church to celebrate Harvest Thanksgiving on 16th September and, including George`s produce, was able to ensure that a worthwhile selection of contributed goodies were distributed to both Eagles Wings (plus £25) and the Dundee Foodbank (plus £32).  Thank you to  members of the Drama Club for manhandling the considerable quantity of vegetables up the road to the Eagles Wings station beside Abertay University Library.  Both these charities




are always in need of contributions of food or donations and it is worthwhile to remember that these benefit our own Dundonians in need.


Congratulations are also due to the hard-working teams who organised firstly the Beetle Drive on 23rd June when £180 was raised and then the Bridge Drive on 1st September which raised the superb sum of £500. Mary Wightman took `charge` of the delightfully unruly friends for the Beetle Drive and Hazel Kelly and Ann Preston with a willing team did a sterling job in coping with the highly successful Bridge Drive.


Our Church was also open to the public for Doors Open Day on 16th September and Lindsay Craig is due our gratitude for overseeing this special day and welcoming  visitors who came to admire our lovely building. The perfect atmosphere for Harvest preparations and visitors was greatly enhanced with the professional organ music of Graeme Tarbet. Once again our stalwart little group of friends worked very well together to achieve the best appearance for our church and to share this with visitors and each other.


On Sunday 3rd September the special collection for the Save the Children Fund Famine Appeal raised £207.




Here we are again at the start of a new session and hopefully we will have a good turn out to support all of our speakers.   Listed below are the meetings for the first half of our programme.


October  3rd        :    ‘Having faith in Who We are and What

                                                                       We can achieve’

                                    Rev Bob Wightman


October 14th      :    Talk on Children of India  :  Diane Stout


October 31st            :     HALLOWEEN  - Appointment with

                                                                                       Fear !!

                                      With friends from Muirhead-Fowlis-Liff


November 14th     :    Floral Art Demonstration  : 

                                                                  Jessie Tarbet


November 28th     :   Annual General Meeting


December  12th     :   CHRISTMAS  LUNCH  -  Held in the 

                                                       Church Hall 12.30 for 1pm.


Our numbers are down a bit so if any of your friends would like to join us please bring then along.   Look forward to meeting up with you all on Tuesday 3rd October.


Nancy Jack




A great big thank you to everyone for a very successful Bridge Drive this year. We cleared £500 after all expenses – a tremendous effort by a very small team.

Thank you to Ann and Alf, Jessie and Graeme, Evelyn and Irene, and Margaret Chalmers who came down to the Hall at 7.30 in the evening after Dundee Junior Showtime had left, to assemble the bridge tables and set them up for the Friday.

Thank you to Ann, Jessie, Elspeth, Irene, Evelyn, Nancy Fawns and Nancy Jack for making all the sandwiches, filling the meringues, and laying out the food before the paying guests arrived and then supplying them with copious cups of tea and coffee with their meal.  And a special mention to Mary for the meringues she made before she went off on holiday – they were the star of the show as always. And thanks also to Ella who always turns up and encourages us in our efforts. The guests all look forward to her welcoming speech.

And last but not least, thanks to everyone who donated raffle prizes – they always raise a significant amount at any of our fundraisers and Friday was no exception.  The Treasurer was very pleased!

Hazel Kelly




A date for your diary – Friday 24th November at 7.00p.m.


As the Beetle Drives are usually a popular fund-raiser we are holding an extra one this year with a Christmas theme to kick start us into that Joyous Season and hopefully raise a few pounds for the Church funds.


This is an evening of fun, laughter and dreadful cheating for the young and old at heart alike.

At the last one the age range was 7 – 80+.   If you haven`t been before please join us we know you will enjoy it and you will even get a cuppa thrown in for good measure.




(drawing a reindeer is much more skilled than filling in beetle parts so be prepared for cheating indeed!   EMC)




A   S T O R Y    F O R    O U R   T I M E


At the moment when the choice for Christian worship has never been more threatened this little story is very topical.


                                            The Graduation


They walked in tandem, each of the nearly one hundred students filing into the already

crowded graduation hall.   With rich maroon gowns glowing and the traditional caps they looked almost as grown up as they felt.


Fathers swallowed hard behind broad smiles, and mothers freely brushed away tears.


This gathering would not pray during the proceedings – not by choice but because of a recent college ruling prohibiting it.   The Principal and several students were careful to stay within the guidelines allowed by the ruling.   They gave inspirational and challenging speeches but no one mentioned divine guidance and no one asked for blessings on the graduates and their families. The speeches were nice but they were routine ……..   until the final speech received a standing ovation.


A solitary student then walked proudly to the microphone.   He stood still and silent for just a moment, and then, it happened.   Every single one of the nearly one hundred students suddenly sneezed!   The student on the platform simply looked at the audience and said

“God bless you, each and every one of you!” and then he walked off the platform.


The audience exploded into applause.  The graduating students had found a unique way to invoke God`s blessing on their future with or without the college ruling.


(from A Basket of Gems by Mark Stibbe)

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