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July 2019


Dear Friends,

As I write I am rejoicing that God was so generous and good to us yesterday – Sunday 28th July – a wonderful day when at morning worship we sat together with about 150 or 160 fellow worshippers and celebrated the sacrament of baptism.

Two beautiful children, Eureka Moyo and Reuben Ellwood were baptised. Their parents, godparents and family friends joined with us and together we enjoyed the obvious blessing of God.

But that wasn’t all. We were blessed again when the gracious and lovely lady, Elizabeth Langlands was welcomed as a new member.

It is by the continuing grace and goodness of God that we welcome Eureka and Reuben into the family of the church and Elizabeth into full membership of Dundee Congregational Church.

To members, new and well established, may God bless you richly.








Our New Session starts on Tuesday 1st October 2019.  Enjoy your summer with hopefully lots of sunshine and come back refreshed and fit.  Please remember that if any of your friends would like to join us they would be most welcome.


Nancy Jack 




SERVICE OF HOLY BAPTISM   (See photo page)


Tholokuhle Eureka Moyo   (date of birth 31st January 2019)


         Eureka was baptised on Sunday 28th July 2019 bringing much joy to a very large gathering of her family and friends.  Her parents Dr. Dumiso Moyo and Skhue Ncube are faithful members of our congregation and Dumiso is a valued member of Kirk Session.   He joined us officially 5 years ago after many years worshipping with us since the Ministry of the late Rev. Alastair Keddie.  The delightful impromptu choir organised by Dumiso and his friends encouraged us to sing a hymn in three different languages (or just to sing dda dda dda if necessary) however this was sung to a well known tune which helped! This was heart-warming and a first for everyone present. A superb buffet lunch was provided by Dumiso and Skhue in the church hall afterwards and this only served to emphasise the importance of this occasion for all those present to honour beautiful Eureka who was quietly asleep for her precious moment of baptism.


Reuben Daniel Ellwood (date of birth 12th October 2018)


         We were privileged also to welcome baby Reuben for this precious Service of Holy Baptism.   His parents Daniel Ellwood and Ashley Markie were warmly received and their happy family members and friends contributed to the wonderful congregation of nearly 200 happy people and at least a dozen children of all ages.  He was such a good little boy for the entire Service culminating, like Eureka, in being sound asleep at the precious moment of baptism.



         This was an unforgettable Celebratory Service of Holy Baptism and the generous hospitality of Dumiso and Skhue was enormously appreciated by all their friends in our church as we rejoiced in the welcoming of Eureka and Reuben – both babies having been independently lulled into slumber for their special Blessings.

         To say this was a memorable occasion is barely adequate to describe the sanctity of the entire morning which was ably conducted by our Minister Rev Alan Livingstone with the precious warmth and sincerity which epitomises his ministry among us, and the happiness will resonate with all those present for a very long time.






From Mrs. Hazel Kelly – our Treasurer


Dear All

         It is with much regret that I feel I am past my sell-by date and it is time to hand over the reins of Treasurer to someone younger and fitter.   I have enjoyed serving the Church in this way under the tutelage of Dennis for most of my tenure, and then being entrusted with the privilege of the position of full Treasurer – an honour indeed.

         Thank you all for your support and friendship over the years, and all best wishes to my successor.  I hope I may be able to join you all at Church `ere long.

         Love and blessings to one and all.








         Every single member and friend in our congregation has been aware of the immense courage, perseverance and dignity shown by Hazel throughout the past two years of coping with her serious health trials.  We all know she has consistently said “I`m fine” if asked on a Sunday morning and proceeded to carry out her many treasurer duties as if she hadn`t a care in the world. However, as you can read above, she has realised that the time has now come to retire from her position as our highly respected and valued Church Treasurer and she wanted this to be intimated in this edition of our church newsletter.

         Hazel became Assistant Treasurer to the late Dennis Collins in 2003, and since his death in 2017 she has borne the ever increasing burden of looking after the church financial affairs at all levels with integrity and professional dedication, indeed carrying out much of this work quietly behind the scenes.  She truly deserves to retire from these responsibilities and she can be assured we all respect every moment of these 16 years which cover a true loyalty to her Church and a steadfast faith to which we would want to give honour.

         In typical Hazel fashion she has insisted there is to be no `fuss` but this intimation  announces  her decision to all her many friends. 

         Our love, our prayers and our concern for her continue to be in the hearts of every one of us.







Mrs. Mary Guild in her 99th year

 (formerly of 20 Aberfoyle Gardens, Broughty Ferry)

in Balcarres Care Home, Broughty Ferry on Tuesday 21st May 2019


Mary was the most delightful and charming lady who endeared herself enormously to everyone with whom she came in contact right to the end of her life.  She was brought up in Speyside and her love of this beautiful part of Scotland stayed with her throughout every year of her wonderfully long life.  Many are the tales and happy reminiscences she spoke about and her frequent holidays and trips up north were a very important part of her entire life-style.


After leaving school Mary studied at secretarial college and initially worked with her father before branching out.  She became a member of Panmure Church, Dundee, and it was here that she married Bruce Guild in 1945 and they had the great happiness of the arrival of Eleanor in 1947 and Alister in 1950.  Sadly Bruce died far too young in 1966 and with her precious daughter and son she had to rebuild her life.  This she did with the utmost courage and strength of character and learned to drive as well as using her secretarial skills to support her family life.  The last years of her working life up to retirement were spent as Book-Keeper at Dundee Ice Rink.


Mary was a pretty and elegant lady at all times and her warm personality ensured that she had many life-long friends and enjoyed membership of friendly clubs and associations, never forgetting her love of curling and indeed her keep-fit classes which she attended well into her 90s.


We,  in Dundee Congregational Church (then known as Ward Chapel),  had the great pleasure of getting to know Mary when Panmure/Trinity Church merged with us in 1984 and we became Dundee Congregational Church.  She was a faithful member of our congregation and enjoyed the Women`s Guild particularly and entered into all church activities with enthusiasm and care and consideration of others.  As she grew frailer in advanced years Alister used to bring her to church on a Sunday morning and she liked nothing more than to sit in the

hall after Morning Service sharing refreshments with her church friends until it was time to go home with Alister  as lunch-time approached.


          There is no doubt that her loss to every member of her lovely family in incalculable and our heartfelt sympathy is extended to Eleanor, Alister and daughter-in-law Alison, and to her  five cherished grandchildren Fiona, Stuart,  Lindsay, Scott and Alister and eleven precious great-grandchildren.  On Monday 3rd June Rev Alan Livingstone conducted a very moving and personal celebration of Mary`s life in the Crematorium and ensured that all those present felt the warmth of Mary`s memory in our hearts as we said good-bye to her.


          Marking such an endearing love of the Scottish Highlands throughout Mary`s life the following precious words were found belonging to her and these were read at the end of her Service of Celebration.


“In Heaven I`ll ask for no more than a Highland welcome.”


Elspeth M  Collins

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