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Update from Kirk Session

24th  May 2017



I addressed the Church on 23rd April 2017 in relation to the situation concerning our ministerial position. This is a brief update to keep the membership appraised of the work being carried out by your Kirk Session.


As I said on 23rd April Kirk Session resolved to seek to appoint a part time minister to succeed Rev. Andria Randall when her resignation takes effect and her tenure with us comes to an end on 26th  November 2017. To this end we have had discussions, both in person and via telephone, with ministers who currently occupy part time positions to provide us with a basis for establishing our expectations.


I can report to you that Kirk Session have been very proactive in moving forward and in addition to our scheduled business meetings have met on a further three occasions expressly to discuss our impending vacancy. Mrs. Hazel Kelly has spent a considerable effort in updating our Church profile and in formulating a suitable advert intimating our vacancy to be placed in appropriate publications. I thank Hazel on your behalf for all her work on this. The advert will invite anyone with an interest to contact myself, in the first instance, for informal discussion. Prior to placing these adverts, which will involve substantial costs, it is Session's intention to canvass opinion within the Congregational community both locally and nationally.


 I know that every member of our congregation is anxious to have a resolution to our situation and I can assure you that this is of prime concern to your Kirk Session.

In the meantime I would thank every member of Session for their hard work in ensuring that our Sunday worship continues to take place with as little disruption, as has been evidenced. In particular we are extremely grateful to Rev. David Taylor and Rev. Bob Wightman for all their work in obtaining pulpit supply for us.


Lindsay G. Craig.







Praise indeed



On Thursday 10th and Friday 11th May our Church Hall was deservedly


full to capacity for two wonderful nights of entertainment by eight unique


members of our Drama Club and six guest artistes.  Firstly we were


presented with the “World Premiere” of quite the most hilarious and


ingenious one-act comedy entitled “A Murderous Muddle”, which was


written specifically by our very clever Marguerite McMichael who had


produced a plot indeed tailor-made for every member of the cast.  It is


also accurate to say it was tailor-made for the maximum enjoyment of


happy audiences. A fictitious drama group were rehearsing (very badly)


this glorious depiction of five greedy elderly sisters and two greedy


nephews all endeavouring to ensure they were to be the sole


beneficiaries of the estate of their recently deceased uncle, and it was a


masterclass in comic timing.  Added to this was the brilliant dual roles of


both Alex and Alexander McMichael who were required to flit on and off


the stage in double quick time in different guises requiring admirable


dexterity and much amusement for their audiences with  wig and


moustache mishaps for a start.  Marguerite`s superb plot centred on the


incredible attempts by all of them to poison the others by doctored cups


of tea, poisoned whisky and sherry and eventually toxic chocolates.  The


attempts cleverly involved much scrambling around at floor level by


Alexander in his attempt to kill off at least one or two of the relatives at a


time. However throughout all this mayhem Marguerite excelled herself in


her role as producer behind the scenes of the supposed drama group


and her on stage persona attempting to maintain some semblance of


order with such a wily bunch of  miscreants. The climax was indeed a


triumph of artistic licence and managed to achieve the demise of all the


would-be beneficiaries at exactly the same moment - thanks to poisoned


drinks and chocolates unbelievably consumed in total innocence.  No


doubt the deceased uncle would have been applauding from another





     The second half of the programme was a delightful combination of music


and amusement and welcomed superb guest artistes to benefit us all.  Simon


Rankine, Mark Urban, Claire Gorman and Paul Fitzpatrick had us singing and


tapping our feet to the guitar, keyboard and  accordion.  Forget all the Les


Dawson jokes about mothers-in-law because Shirley Tait gave us a charming


rendering of “Wild Mountain Time” while being accompanied on the guitar by


her son-in-law Paul.   Both Margaret Eddy and Jane Campbell in their stage


personas of Stella and Ella gave us side-splitting twosomes on two brilliant


subjects – “Mother`s Ruin” (oversampling the gin!) and “Mile High”


(oversampling something else entirely!)  Phyllis`s monologue was delivered


with praiseworthy aplomb and then there`s Alexander -  he is a truly versatile


thespian with such well-honed talents for acting, singing and comedy and we


are very lucky indeed to have him  in our Drama Group.  It was lovely to see


Mary McMichael, who is now aged 95,  in the audience on Friday to enjoy the


triumphs of Marguerite, Alex and Alexander – what a family.



The Drama Club has celebrated its 80th Anniversary so we do appreciate the


enormous dedication of every member, and we must express admiration for


such achievement when many of these redoubtable ladies are now in their


eighties.  Words of praise are totally inadequate to give honour to all of them


but they all deserve Golden Globe Awards.  The facial expressions and acting


of our own Ella Clark were particularly wonderful and the fact she is to


celebrate her 90th Birthday later this year deserves particular mention.



Marguerite, Ella, Phyllis, Evelyn, Irene, Shirley, Alex, Alexander, Simon, Mark,


Claire, Paul, Margaret and Jane:  YOU ARE ALL STARS:  and we don`t forget


Katrina Malcolm and Steve McCluskey for superb stage set and management,


Betty Abercromby, Katrina and Warden Black for `box office` duties, and of


course our thanks to Mary and Irene for the welcome teas  at the Interval.



Elspeth M. Collins



There will be a Sandwich Lunch and Bridge Drive in aid of Church funds in the Hall on Tuesday 4th September at 12 noon for 12.30pm at a cost of £40 per table. To book contact Hazel Kelly (telephone 01382 533689). Please spread the word!


Volunteers to help on the day to serve the food and tea/coffee would be greatly appreciated. Tray bakes, scones or pancakes and donations for the raffle too please. If you can help in any way, please speak to Hazel, or Ann for the catering.

Church Legacy 

23rd May 2018 


At the March 2018 meeting of Kirk Session it was decided to use the legacy left to us by the late David Beedie to upgrade the vestry. We felt this was appropriate as David had during his long membership of our Church been personally and practicably involved in much refurbishment including the installation of our previous kitchen, not to mention his skills as a cabinetmaker with the Drama Club over many years. At Kirk Session on 23rd May Rev. Wightman proposed that the vestry be named “The David Beedie Vestry”. This was approved by Kirk Session and I can assure you, as his next of kin, that nothing would have given him more pride. 


At the same meeting of Session, 23rd May 2018, Rev. Wightman pointed out that last Sunday (20th May) 12 months ago, was the last time that Mr. Dennis Collins had attended his beloved Church. He noted that Dennis had been the prime mover, along with Rev. Alastair Keddie, in the creation of our welcome hall.  As we all know Mr. Dennis Collins was treasurer of our Church for a remarkable 51 years and Rev. Wightman suggested that as a tribute to Dennis’ life’s work in his Church we should name the welcome hall the “Dennis Collins Welcome Hall”.  This was unanimously and wholeheartedly embraced by Kirk Session to commemorate and honour the contributions and service to our Church of both these esteemed gentlemen.  I am sure you will see this as a fitting legacy. 


Rev. Wightman offered to provide plaques.


Lindsay G. Craig. 

40th ANNIVERSARY of Talking Newspaper


Formerly Dundee Tape Newspaper for the Blind


The Talking Newspaper now known as Dundee Audio News is celebrating its 40th Anniversary this month. This is an outstanding achievement for a very small voluntary organisation depending as it does on volunteers and donations.

Dundee Audio News continues to send out CD’s and only one tape to blind and visually impaired people across the region. The transfer to almost all CD’s appears to have been quite seemless. Ian Smith and Graeme Tarbet still record their monthly items onto tape then Ian transfers his Magazine and Graeme’s Tape News recordings to the CD format, copies and sends out these on a monthly basis.

Over the years listeners to the Talking Newspaper have enjoyed over four hundred and twenty interviews with celebrities and interesting people in addition to location recordings carried out by Graeme Tarbet who celebrates recording his 400th edition this month.

We may have reduced numbers of listeners from years ago but it is important for those remaining that we continue to give them our very best service.

If you know of someone who has difficulty in reading a Newspaper or Magazine please contact Graeme Tarbet on 01382 810266.

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